Fielder’s Glove

Ken Wel Harry Gumbert Fielder’s Glove, ca. 1938

Fielder’s glove belonging to Mildred Hartley of the Susie Q’s from Lincoln, Rhode Island, a rival team of the Rehoboth Milkmaids. Mildred’s glove is an example of Ken Wel’s “Harry Gumbert” glove. Described in this 1940’s ad as meeting “every requirement for big league ball.” The glove features “custom- built, hand tailored asbestos felt pad built up to form deep ball pockets that holds the fast ones tight. Adjustable lace reinforced three-tunnel special ‘hold-fast’ thumb web. Open-type back with extra wide shearing padded wrist strap.” Early web styles, including this example, were separately laced to the glove. Until the late 1940’s fielders’ gloves for the most part have no lacing between the fingers and are referred to as ”split finger”.

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