Rehoboth History Activities: Lessons for Massachusetts Elementary School Students

At Home Student Activities

Students can learn about local history and geography at home with these simple and fun activities. All you need is a printer, a writing utensil, and some colored pencils or crayons.

Each activity is labelled for its appropriate age group.

Rehoboth Old Town Borders (3rd/4th grade)

Did you know that Rehoboth was once larger than it is today?

When it was first settled in 1643, it included the same area as 14 towns that exist today.

Rehoboth claimed land as far north as a portion of Woonsocket to as far south as Bristol and from the Seekonk River in East Providence to Somerset, MA.

Let’s look at a map of old Rehoboth and identify the towns which were created after its settlement.

Number your page 1-14 and list the towns (14) that were all at one time a part of Rehoboth or under its protection.

Print this map to complete the activity

Rehoboth Village Pond (2nd-4th grade)

Village Pond Today

The Rehoboth Village looked a little different in 1776 than it does today. Print this drawing of the Village and follow the directions to color local landmarks that existed more than 240 years ago.

1776 Rehoboth Village Worksheet

Plymouth Colony Settlement (4th/5th grade)

Rehoboth is part of Plymouth colony. While Plymouth celebrates its 400th anniversary this year parts of the colony were settled at different times. Use the below map and worksheet to discover settlement years.

Print the Activity Worksheet Here

Print the Plymouth Colony Map Here