The Great Rehoboth Book Hunt

Starting July 2nd, stop by the Library and pick up your passport to exploring Rehoboth and finding beautiful giant book covers! Passports are available during normal Library hours, and the book covers are always available.

Each week we will place one or two book covers around town and provide clues to their locations. Find the book cover and stamp your passport with the stamp provided. Take a picture with the book cover and share it with us in Instagram by tagging #greatrehobothbookhunt and #blandinglibraryrehoboth or send it to us via .

Those who find all 15 book covers are eligible for a goodie bag and a chance at the grand prize of a $100 gift certificate to An Unlikely Story Bookstore & Cafe in Plainville, MA.

Visit this page for clues to the location of each of the 15 book covers!


Book 1

It looks old, but it’s not really.

There are two buildings at this site.

You may have been here on a school field trip.

At this location, you will find items from Rehoboth’s history.

It’s located in “the Village.”

The Strawberry Festival takes place here.

Book 2

It’s across the street from a Bicentennial Farm.

It’s on the office building of a former Town Historian.

2 x 2 x 4 x 23

The name of the street it’s on is an archaic way of saying “beautiful vista.”

This is the office of the Grand Marshall of Rehoboth’s 375th Anniversary parade.

The office belonged to the book’s author.

Book 3

There is no running water at this location.

The main building was saved and refurbished in 1968 as part of Rehoboth’s 325th anniversary.

You may find quills and slates here.

Anyone up for a game of hoop and stick?

This site served its original purpose from 1847 to 1937.

The book is displayed on a very necessary structure.

Book 4

Bring your bug spray!

Following this year’s Summer Reading theme, this book cover is located just off the beaten path.

The name of this historic location starts with The Scarlet Letter.

A street, a school, a hall, a brewery, a pharmacy, a farm, and many other businesses share their names with this site.

This site is made of pudding (stone).

A military leader was captured here.

Book 5

This one is placed on a 48 acre site.

Many Rehoboth teens worked here over the years.

You may know someone who was married here.

The book cover is displayed on a building once used for grain storage.

This site changed ownership in 2021.

Clam cakes, clam rakes, and clam bakes!

Book 6

Ferdinand is in his happy place, on a farm with flowers.

This farm is on an appropriately named Avenue.

The name of this place sounds like the March King.

Ferdinand is shopping for local corn at the roadside stand.

The street number is the revolutions per minute of a long-playing record, also the number of years Jesus is believed to have lived, the number of letters in the modern Russian alphabet, the longest winning streak in NBA history, the code for international direct-dial calls to France, and the number of innings in the longest professional baseball game in history.

The street name is alphabetically first in Rehoboth’s Precinct 1.

Book 7

The Very Hungry Caterpillar has not crawled far.

This book cover is behind a building built in 1915.

The previous building on this spot was struck by lightning.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is checking out a new addition finished in 2016.

You might be able to find a copy of The Very Hungry Caterpillar quite near the Very Hungry Caterpillar.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar prefers to use the back entry.

Book 8

Books 8 and 9’s locations are two holes connected by a state highway.

Would you like your doughnut with a side of stone?

This location is across from the Country Dairy building.

It’s where the River meets the highway.

Check the porch!

Book 9

Books 8 and 9’s locations are two holes connected by a state highway.

It’s time to make the donuts.

This location was once a stable.

It’s right near where the Road turns into a Street.

Check the picnic area!

Book 10

The Rumney Marsh Brook and the Beaverdam Brook run through this property.

Look in the Pine Grove.

If you can’t find it, maybe a Boy Scout from across the Street can help.

Book 11

This site was once known as Butterworth Falls.

There was a mill at this site from colonial times to the 1930s.

You might find largemouth bass and chain pickerel in the pond nearby.

The Great Rehoboth Book Hunt was made possible with support from the Rehoboth Cultural Council and the Friends of the Blanding Library. Thanks to Francie Berger and Hall Memorial Library of Ellington, Connecticut for the inspiration and model for this Hunt.